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Teach your skills online without quitting your regular job


The Ultimate Skills-to-Impact (and Profit) Blueprint for Professionals

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The TYS Bootcamp is designed for 9-5 professionals that desire additional income streams by teaching online and creating knowledge products.


Over the years, we have all accumulated a wealth of knowledge either by studying or through years of experience in specific roles. Now, more than ever, there is a growing need for knowledge products online and we are strategically placed to provide these – for impact, profit or both.

This Bootcamp is where you get the blueprint and strategies required to convert your skills to cash, while making an impact. At the end of the bootcamp, you would be ready to teach online, be visible as a thought leader and make passive income, while going  about your regular job.



You are a 9-5 Professional with teachable knowledge in one or more areas

You desire additional stream of income

You genuinely want to help people

How it works


''I am passionate about empowering professionals, to not only make an impact but also earn from teaching their skills online''

In 2025, the online learning space is set to sky rocket to $350 billion...this is an indication of the rising need for professionals who can fill this gap.

My name is Mercy, creator of the 'Teach Your Skills' Bootcamp, a program for professionals who want to make money by teaching what they know to a global audience.

How it all started

In the year 2020, I had a rude awakening - in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and the uncertainties in the world at that time, I had an inexplicable yearning to give impact and also have an additional stream of income. Being a career professional, I appreciated that this personal project had to be one that would not conflict, in any way, with my primary job and very importantly, one that was not capital intensive. 


This led me to search within for any skill or knowledge that I had acquired over the years that could be taught to people. Consequently, I launched my first online program on 'Microsoft PowerPoint and Presentation Skills Boot camp'.


The first launch, as expected, was not successful - as a matter of fact, it was a struggle. However, after making mistakes (a lot of them) and learning from them, subsequent masterclasses were successful - so much so that they were held multiple times throughout the year and were delivered via live evening and weekend classes. Due to the time requirement of these live classes, I pivoted and packaged same into an online course that students could study at their own pace.


Due to the success of the classes, and the confidence gained in creating, structuring and delivering online lessons, I went further to create another product. This time, it was Masterclasses on 'Technical Report Writing for Engineers and Technical Professionals'.


...this was done whilst I still held my regular job!


Voila! It was a no brainer that this was something that other professionals could leverage on, hence I decided to put all my learnings, research and experience into an online and coaching product that could be accessed by everyone - The 'Teach Your Skills' Bootcamp.


Through the Teach Your Skills Bootcamp, we would work through the exact blueprint for going from 'no idea' to having a knowledge product ready for a global audience....and ultimately, passive income, if desired.

Get ready for a transformation.

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